Posturing like a peacock & Balance and the sexes

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Dana Franks and I found each other through Twitter and FB as if it were predestined, and have been inspired by her balanced views and enthusiasm for life ever since. Dana has recently responded to my hot-headed rant about social network activity doing its best to undermine generations of women's advancement -…/posturing-like-a-peacoc…Once again, I was bowled over by her ability to find the calm amongst my storm. I have included a piece of Dana's work so that you can make up your own mind: Balance and the sexes - by Dana Franks On the subject of feminine empowerment, my take is this – to be truly whole (holisitic) we simply must celebrate our feminine and masculine sides which make up a rounded human being. I don’t partake of mass media portrayal simply because it is not my reality. I love being a woman and am blessed to be born in a society which supposedly supports equality, yet we still find media and advertising portraying imbalance as an acceptable part of our society and it really is not.…/posturing-like-a-peacoc… Let us in our own individual way be absolutely clear in our boundaries, focus our consciousness on the beauty within, whether male or female and rise above crass sexploitation of our human spirit. Women’s health, be it physical, mental or emotional is intrinsically linked to identity and self esteem and is a huge issue and one I am actively working with to balance. Balance being equality and unity. Connect with Dana and make up your own mind -

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Feminism Crisis - Finding the rainbow in my storm ……

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